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Lost and Found

Lost and Found in London

How the Railway Tracks Hotel Changed Me
By Kathleen O'Hara

In these uncertain times, people are looking for answers and guidelines for change - internal and external, personal and political - presented in a friendly, imaginative, but authentic way. Lost and Found in London: How the Railway Tracks Hotel Changed Me meets these criteria. That's because it isn't fiction; it is closely based on my own recent experience!

Kathleen is about to be 'deported' after spending the six-month allotted time for foreigners in the United Kingdom. But she doesn't want to leave, and worse, doesn't know where to go or what to do. She certainly can't go back to the unsatisfactory existence she left behind in Canada. Her life has come to a crisis point and she needs help.

Fortunately (or with help from the universe!), the right person comes along one evening after a meeting at the London School of Economics. Within days, Kathleen has moved into Chris's home in Wimbledon 'a.k.a the Railway Tracks Hotel (RTH)' to spend her last two weeks in the UK.

Chris has experience in personal transformation techniques and leads Kathleen through several related activities during their time together. These include Direction Finding exercises, in which she identifies her Accomplishments/Failures, Strengths, Skills, and Qualities (SSQs)/Weaknesses, as well as her Values and Standards. Such efforts are mingled with little-known information about Sub-Personality Management, Memetics, and Creative Thinking and Living Techniques.

All exercises are described by Chris in a clear and personal way in the comfort of the RTH - with drama added as Kathleen sometimes balks at the whole affair. After all these years, can she really turn her life around and become a more effective human being? Is she ready to make the commitment required?

Speaking of affairs, she and Chris become close, although she manages to resist him having fallen in love with the elusive Julian just after arriving in London. The book also deals with other personal attachments Kathleen has made during her stay in the city she adores, along with her visits to historic sites, villages and towns, galleries and museums - which put her own life into perspective.

At the same time, Kathleen learns how to eat skate (the fish), cycles through Henry VIII's former hunting ground, enjoys an intimate getaway to Nice, meets a few 'stars,' and drinks far too many gin and tonics in various pubs with the local Lads. Unable and unwilling to ignore the problems of the world, she volunteers for anti-war and anti-global-warming groups - and marches through the colourful streets of London calling for action on both fronts.

Chris and Kathleen conclude their time together travelling by train to and from Scotland for a rousing wedding in Drumtochty Castle. On the return journey, Kathleen undertakes one final Direction-Finding exercise which further expands her self-knowledge - and their friendship.

Lost and Found in London is much more than a great read. It also contains follow-up exercises you CAN do at home. If you want to make a purchase, simply click on this link:

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